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Originally Posted by cerendir View Post
...aaaaand now Win 8 appears to be broken. :|

I shut the computer down before I left from work and Windows installed a bunch of updates. When I started it up again when I got home I got as far as the ASUS startup screen. Then the screen went blank and flicks on and off at like 1.5 sec intervals, and the hard drive is very, very busy with something. It's been doing this for half an hour now.

Normal updating behavior?
One of the first things I do with any Windows installation is to turn off automatic updates. I have done this since the 90's and only ever do a Windows update if I am having a problem and the update is specified to fix it.
To be honest, Windows updates have caused more problems than they've fixed for me, hence my policy.

I also do regular OS backups just in case something does break or a drive dies. That has saved me TONS of work the few times I've needed to restore.
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