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Originally Posted by urednik View Post
M-AUDIO FTU has still the SAME PROBLEM - you need to turn the sound card off before computer goes to sleep or similar, or the OS crashes.
But this is M-AUDIO's fault as I was informed.
Fault? No. If you read on their website, none of their devices support Sleep mode. Remove the device, then use Sleep mode, then reconnect. This is extremely well documented, and by design.

I leave Windows Updates on. Someone has to find the bugs in order to keep them fixed right? In any case, it's important to be on top of things. Of course things haven't always been rosey for me, but hey, I've worked through all my problems. I have Windows 8.1 Pro x64 with Media Center Pack working flawlessly with a plethora of unsupported software and hardware.

I've had laptops not work with my firewire interfaces, and then after a BIOS update, work extremely well. There's a lot that comes into play, so keeping things up to date is important to at least test. I had a motherboard in an old computer that I had always tested the latest BIOS update to a point where revision 1.B worked perfectly, 1.C completely broke it, but I went back to 1.B and made sure I plastered that info all over the internet in the hopes it helped someone.

I can understand not staying updated all the time, but program updates wouldn't really happen for the most part without someone finding the bugs....
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