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Originally Posted by todoublez View Post
I've just tested save proj and quit Reaper with track tag Script docked on my TCP, it shows:

...PER/Scripts/ReaTeam Scripts/Various/spk77_Track Tags.lua:1232: bad argument #1 to 'SetProjExtState' (ReaProject expected)
right after I quit.
and I open the testing proj which I just closed, track tag is gone.
but when I run it manually it dock right to the last position.

Current version of the Script : 0.3.1
I meant that:
  1. Close the script first from the right click menu (right click on the script window)
  2. Save the project
  3. Close REAPER.
That's the only way to make sure that everything is stored properly.

I'll be back in 5 hours.
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