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Originally Posted by spk77 View Post
I guess it's not a bug: "dock position matching" has to be done every time when using the script with a new project.

This is how to configure the positions:
  1. Dock it to the left (use REAPER's native way to dock - I don't know how it works on mac)
  2. When the script window is docked, select Store current dock position as 'Left'
  3. Repeat those two steps for each positions

Thanks for your donation again!
I've been thinking to add an option for setting "Always visible" and "Always hidden" -tags for tracks, but don't know the best way to implement that.
Maybe we can make a “user config” area in the script.

 Separator track prefix = “@“ - - -hide every track with the prefix @ on TCP, and show them in MCP only.
Don’t know will it help ? Just a thought
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