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Yeah, Apple changed something under the hood in multiple Aggregate Devices at Lion and caught many unawares (and ML fixed some and broke others for some). The gradual clock issue is exactly a Lion symptom I read a lot about on the Metric Halo list and they had to rewrite their driver to deal with it (for the software control panel for their hardware), so I would think there's going to have to be a fix from Apogee or Emu for this to be corrected. Problem is that the general niche of both of these companies' products is with users who don't create multiple devices, so they either don't get much feedback of bugs there or possibly aren't motivated enough to fix them. And ironically it can be fixed with a cable, which doesn't help the boxes which have no hardware clock in or out.

If this is something that is biting you in the butt I'm *pretty sure* it can't be fixed by doing anything different having to do with Apple system or utilities. Not everyone has this issue but there are a lot of reports of it.
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