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Tod... don't have that figure handy... but you can easily make a spreadsheet and compare prices... but approximately 2500-3000

start with NewEgg as they have most of those things listed...

and their prices are on average OK... compare with TigerDirect...

sometimes one or the other will have better prices... by far really

now that corsair case is no longer in production.. as they will very soon have the the 900 ready to ship... wish I'd known that but then I would have had to wait... hate to wait...
Can't say enuff about that case... it's huge but makes the build very much easier than anything else I've ever used.

about the SSD... simply put yes, IMHO it is 'the' way to go.
Firstly, that particular SSD is the only one that gets stellar reviews across the board. You can find all that online.

I install a lot of stuff and need all what room so to me it's worth the cost for the speed.

Almost all programs and vst and vsti's are on it.
I have two SATA HD's as well, 3TB's @ 7200 rpm... the D drive holds a huge amount of kontakt lib's and samples... and also the larger Drum vsti's and their sounds.

Now worth mentioning that the asus mobo with it's utilities will allow a way to install the OS on a SATA HD and use the SSD [of any size] as a cache, that will boost the SATA's performance... but I opted to just use the SSD as is and prefer that for my needs.

happy to talk in more detail if you wish.
...should be fixed for the next build...
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