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Originally Posted by SEA View Post
Excuse me if I don't get it 100% yet... but are you saying if I have a SSD drive for my OS and my VST programs and THEN run my Reaper projects on another drive separate from my SSD drive (cutting audio, running my VSTs), that my system will be SLOWER vs. having EVERYTHING (my OS, programs, audio and VSTs) all running AND recording on 1 SSD drive?
Exactly. OS/apps/audio all on the SSD is the highest performance.

Originally Posted by SEA View Post
IF so, what about ASIO Buffer Size? I'm currently running at 512 latency but would like to use 256 or less. Can all this be done on 1 SSD drive?

Currently I'm using 3 drives. 1 for my OS and programs, 1 for my projects cutting audio and running VSTs, and 1 drive for streaming samples.

If you aim to run live sound, then you need "real-time" low latency performance (ie. 11ms or less total system latency). Recording audio to a SSD will let you get that performance.

For studio post work, latency is a moot point since you are not monitoring anything live through Reaper. In this case, simply set your disc buffer to a healthy value that works error free for any size session you are working with.

I set my disc buffer to 128 samples for live sound. This puts me right at 11ms total system latency. This "high-ish" value is a concession for all the Waves plugins I like to run live.

For studio post work I set the disc buffer to 2048 samples and just forget about it.
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