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Originally Posted by SEA View Post
When I'm cutting tracks on a keyboard or midi drums I monitor what I'm playing through my speakers. At 2048 there's like a 1/4 of a second delay. For edting on the play back 2048 would be fine.
Live performance would be just like running live sound then. I do that too actually. Reaper is my guitar rig now with amp sims, loopers, and so forth. Same 128 sample disc buffer for the performance rig.

Test your system and see where the breaking point is with the plugins you want to use. 11ms is the threshold of human perception for latency. This means for a straight delay. This does NOT address situations where the "original" and then the delayed sounds of something are combined and create phasing! (Obviously you would not hear any "original" in a latency situation.)

Also note that the latency value Reaper displays at the top of the screen is ONLY the latency added by Reaper itself. Total system latency also includes any delay caused by your analog to digital converters and your audio interface. (When you hear people claiming they can hear 11ms latency and it's too high, it's because they assumed the value reported by Reaper was the system total. That number is actually about 1/3 to 1/2 total system latency.)

Oh... The other concession for live sound performance is lowering my sample rate to 48k (instead of 96k). This all revolves around the plugins you want to use. If I were to open a blank session with no plugins, I can pass live audio and record all 36 channels to disc at 96k with a 32 sample disc buffer. With the plugins I like to run, I had to go with 48k and a 128 sample disc buffer.

The audio is still 24 bit and the latency is still "real-time", so the word "concession" is just semantics.

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