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Originally Posted by SEA View Post
So serr... if I'm cutting my audio and running my VSTi and Reaper on my SSD OS drive, I would still need a drive for streaming samples correct? I mean... I have like 1TB of samples or more so I can't fit everything on a 480 SSD drive.

And then any other HDD drive would be used just for archiving I take it.

With that being said.

1. One 480 SSD for OS, VSTis, recording audio and midi in Reaper.

2. One 4 TB HDD for streaming samples

3. One 4 TB HDD for archiving projects.

Does this make sense?

Thanks again!
Put a subset of the samples you use on your SSD.

Not sure if your sampler plays from the hard drive or loads the samples to ram to play. Even if the latter, putting the ones you use on the SSD would speed up loading.
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