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Originally Posted by serr View Post
Cool price. But you could get a 250GB SSD + a 120GB SSD + a 2TB HDD for about $300. This gets you a backup system ready to go at a moments notice. You can even run audio to the 2nd SSD just because it's there. And then a lot of storage space on the HDD and even that has a lot of performance ability.

The bottom line would be if you needed more than 200GB of highest performance audio workspace. But that is a really cool price for a 750GB SSD!
Thanks serr! Something to think about for sure!

Say... would my system be FASTER if I have 2 SSD drives like... 1 for the OS and 1 for recording OR... would I have the same performance in my recording running everything on 1 drive (OS, VSTs, Reaper etc.)?

Currently I have 253 gigs used on my recording drive. I would assume I would move that data to the SSD drive when my new DAW is built.

As for my OS drive, I'm currently using about 220 gigs on that. So... if you put the 2 together that's 473 gigs right of the bat.

Now I'm sure there's stuff that can be cleaned up or moved and archived. For example. I have written like 100 songs on my recording drive PLUS I have some stuff archived on it that I might be able to move and free up a few gigs or so
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