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Originally Posted by JGrabowMST View Post
Because of the speed audio gets written, you will not notice one ounce of a difference whether you record to an SSD or to a regular HDD. Plenty of field recorders use SD cards, which have a much lower read/write speed compared to a computer hard drive, and because of that, no SSD will improve performance. It will only improve access times when you load a session. Once the session is loaded, there will be zero benefit to an SSD.

I have an SSD for my OS drive, and then I have 3 HDDs for projects, samples and my personal files. Once a session is loaded, I assure you, there's no wait. Even at that, the new drives are very reliable, fast and load sessions quickly enough for everyone I know. Everyone I know who works professionally is perfectly happy running off regular drives. One of my friends is still basking in the glory of having worked on audio for Gravity, and he's using a somewhat older machine with no SSD.

Archiving older projects to an external and getting them off your machine when you don't need them readily anymore is the best improvement you can do to get the best performance.
Thanks JGrabowMST for your reply!

Would you still recommend an SSD for the C drive (for your OS and programs) vs a HDD C drive and then cut your projects on a separate HDD drive and stream samples from a 3rd HDD drive?

Currently I have 4 internal drives. 1 for the OS and programs, 1 for recording on, and 2 for streaming samples.

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