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SSDs for streaming sample apps is a must.
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This DAW was built as a part of the manifest as I couldn't afford it, but the most read and random read instensive sample app out there is no longer bottlenecked by ASMedia or Marvel SATA III 6GBps controllers.

Using the PCIe bus and the LSI 3008 controller w/the 3x24 Extender is insane.

Here's some benchmarks that were pretty useless as these drives broke all synthetic testing.

I can vouge that the 8 drive RAID 0 is so insanely fast I can use an 8 drive RAID 10+ where a realtime rebuild if a failure occurs, will not affect streaming. As 3 of the drives will kick right in during a rebuild.

This isn't necessary for anything other than live performance. But in 2 years these enterprise drives and the motherboard will be affordable to all.
I plan on using this for at least 5 years, as everything has a 5 year warranty.
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