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Originally Posted by SEA View Post
So is this basically your setup?

Also are you using your DAW for recording live or performing live? If performing are you using Reaper and performing to tracks playing live in Reaper while you are playing VSTis synths at the same time or what?
Right now I use a 1U Supermicro server w/ Reaper as a host for live work.
MIDI tracks are preferred to cover parts I can't play using hardware and Sample streaming in realtime. OS+Apps is a Seagate Momentus XL Hybrid and samples stream from 3 x OCZ Vertex 4s. It was a reasonably priced live rig, and since I use an XITE-1 DSP rack the CPU isn't where the calculations are done. I prefer dedicated audio chips as they only need a few lines of code from the OS and have audiorate modulations on all FX, Mixers and synths.

The rig being tested now in my signature below will be able to use those massive Orchestral instruments in realtime, all patches loaded and ready for recall, and also finally found a soft synth that adds to my DSP hardware and analog hardware, so the CPU will finally get a workout too.

But the best thing about SSDs is access time. Right now if I were to upgrade and was a project studio guy who only needs more speed for workflow, SSDs are perfect and cheap now.

This sight is run by a guy who knows his stuff and is at every trade show, so when buying anything, his reviews are always a good place for details other reviewers don't look for.
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