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Originally Posted by SEA View Post
Thanks serr for your input!

I have a question. How do you use you DAW for live? Do you play back the tracks in Reaper then play along to those tracks using VSTis or are you using it for recording?

No, I run live sound with it. Reaper is the mixing board.
I set up a band on a stage, put mics in front of the drums, instruments, and vocals (up to 36 channels at present). Then the band plays and I mix the sound through PA amps and speakers. And while the computer is doing that I also make it record all the inputs (and any fx outputs I create ITB) to multitrack so I can take the tracks back to the studio and remix it from the ground up. I use the devices mentioned in my signature to wirelessly remote control the computer from anywhere in the venue.

And I've got to admit that even after using this rig for almost 5 years now it still feels like being in a scene in Star Trek. (Actually Revenge of the Nerds would be more visually accurate )

And there are only 2 mixing boards I've ever heard that sound as good as Reaper's mix engine (even debatable better): SSL and Neve. Nothing else is remotely close! Even the larger Midas and Soundcraft boards are truly put to shame. Reaper blows away that newer X32 digital mixer for sound quality too if anyone was wondering.

I need to qualify of course that the fidelity of your inputs is a factor of the mic preamps and digital converters you're using. Reaper simply preserves this (and up to the highest levels you throw at it).

That's also the beauty of the system. Everything is modular. You can put together different interfaces with different inputs and add to it at any time.

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