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And yes Brotha' Man Tod. I still have a pair of Scope/Giga/Cubase DAWs using 3 x DSP cards, and 360,740, 1500 and 2500 Raptor HDDs.
Used those rigs live too w/o a problem.
My upgrades were simply for downsizing the rigs, and I was adding PLAY/VSL instruments which are not going to work unless you break the SATA III bottleneck.
You can record a track at a time and edit, but yes, my needs for realtime are quite demanding.
In all honesty a cat with a good ear and mock up chops can do wonders with a laptop.
Just listen to what Big Red did when working with GaGa.
Logic and a MacBook.
But still, I would get SSDs using the SATA III ASMedia/Marvel stuff simply for the access times compared to HDDs.
This means you can keep your older HDDs for retrieval and storage, even playback.
Someday I can bypass the realtime DSP stuff, but audio is a niche area, and if you only need 32 tracks or less Native is fine, but I really wish they would just get rid of the slavery to Windows and Macs. The CPUs are powerful enough for realtime work if they had their own reduced instruction set/OS.
The idea of asking the CPU for permission on every move is so 1900s.
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