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Originally Posted by SEA View Post
Check this chart out!

I then checked the price of the AMD FX-8350 Black Edition (which seems to blow away everything) and its like $199?

Here's the link at Newegg

Can this be right? If so, wouldn't this be the one to get?

I also did a search (AMD FX-8350 black edition vs Intel Core i7-4930K )and found this review.

Thanks SEA, my thoughts have been on an i7 for the last 6 months and I probably won't change that but it sure makes a person stop and think about the AMD.

And thanks to serr and XITE-1, you guys certainly have some great gear. Heh heh, in all honesty I do't know what half of it is but I do get the picture.

Originally Posted by serr View Post
And there are only 2 mixing boards I've ever heard that sound as good as Reaper's mix engine (even debatable better): SSL and Neve. Nothing else is remotely close! Even the larger Midas and Soundcraft boards are truly put to shame. Reaper blows away that newer X32 digital mixer for sound quality too if anyone was wondering.
Wow, you must have some really good interfaces with top notch AtoDs and DtoAs, I would think that would be the main factor for this wouldn't it? I see you have a couple of True Precision 8, I googled them and they are pretty impressive as well as expensive. That would account for 16 inputs so you must have another 20 some where.

I've got to admit serr, what you're doing is pretty mind boggling for me. So are you controlling/supplying all the sound equipment too like, Amps, Spearkers, stage monitors, Crossover, Mics, etc.?

Originally Posted by XITE-1/4LIVE View Post
And yes Brotha' Man Tod. I still have a pair of Scope/Giga/Cubase DAWs using 3 x DSP cards, and 360,740, 1500 and 2500 Raptor HDDs.
Used those rigs live too w/o a problem.
I'd love to see you play live some time XITE, I'll bet you're pretty good.
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