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Originally Posted by SMM View Post

I think SSDs make a difference for me.
Hey my friend, thankyou, you kind of popped in while I was typing.

Yes, you certainly have an impressive system and now that you've reminded me I will be discussing this with you before I make the plunge.

I think one of my biggest concerns is noise. The computer I have in my studio right now is a pretty good computer, it's an i5 quad with 8 gig. My biggest problem with it isn't working with Reaper but working with video software, it gets the job done very well without crashing but can be pretty slow.

However, putting video aside, this computer is the quietest computer I've ever seen/heard. I can record with condenser mics 2.5 feet from it without a problem, almost zilch noise. The computer is small, it's called a cube which is very light and maybe 2/3rds the size of a regular desk top computer.

Now it's doubtful I can get the desktop computer that I want, that is this quiet. There have been some say that they have very quiet systems, but exactly how quiet is that, they don't go on to explain what they mean by quiet? To me quiet is being able to record with 1, 2, 3, 4 microphones in your control room without any problems of undesirable noise.

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