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Originally Posted by SEA View Post
I have a question. When you open a Reaper project on a particular HD, is recording to THAT drive?

For instance. I have a HD I record to and another HD I stream samples from.
ALL my projects are backed up ON my sample HD. Now... If I open the project FROM my sample drive, am I now recording my project ON the sample drive or my recording drive?

Also, if I open the project from my recording drive, then back it up on my sample drive, am I NOW recording on my sample drive?
Hi SEA, I would think they would go where ever you setup the folder in Project Settings/Media, right.

All my projects have their own project folders and the first thing I do when I start a new project is create the folders and then direct the new project to them.

Originally Posted by SEA View Post
If I do this serr, how do I tell Reaper to load FROM the samples that are now on my SSD (OS drive) vs. keep on streaming them from the sample drive?
I think this is a problem we all face when we build a new system. The only thing I can think of is when structuring the new drives and putting the samples on them, try to create a path of least resistance.

Since Kontakt is my main sampler (probably 98% of all my samples and instruments), and I know how it seeks the samples, if I structure it so that I only have one main sample folder and then branch out from there, it's just a matter of opening that one main folder and then simply click on another.

It's still a pain, but it's a pain I'm well aware of when I make the change and at least I know exactly where to look.


I've got a question concerning the SSDs. With Kontakt you can set up your instruments so that they are DFD, Direct from Disk. Further you can choose the size of the buffers that go into ram. Currently with K5 I have the buffers set to 30kb and I'm sort of squeezing by with it but really and truly they should be 60kb.

My question is, with SSDs can I set this buffer even lower?
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