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Sorry for the delay...

If you have a MIDI project split into single channel individual tracks, it would be a boon if the default editor behavior was to have output of the edit window follow the fixed output assign, rather than making us jump through hoops to make sure the little piano key display sends on the same channel. Same deal when penciling in new notes (should always be notes in the channel of the output setting.

If in any doubt, take a look at how Cubase handles MIDI Parts. Simple, intuitive, but still flexible. It also does a great job of, when importing a multitrack SMF, it automatically assigns output MIDI channel to the channel of the data. It seems such an unnecessary step (or 16 of them!) to have to hand select outputs and channels, when that info is embedded in the file itself.

Admittedly, I'm talking about editing MIDI for external gear (using SMF's in keyboards on gigs), VSTi's have different needs. But it's a pretty common scenario, get an SMF, import to Reaper, send to MIDI interface. Reaper seems to over-complicate such a simple thing.
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