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that hometracked site is v interesting ......kudos.

but i just dont like useing a lot of plug ins in a project.
let me explain....and i guess you would have to be a bit of a freaky computer engr like me to maybe understand where i'm coming from.
firstly ive never been a huge lover of the vst technical standard. to be downright honest i felt it was flawed at a computer engineering level. i felt this from the beginning of this standard. but audio developers like "J" of hosts like rpr are forced to include it to remain competitive.
simply put the standard places additional responsibilities on the host (ie...more code in the host)....particularly what i would call code to check that the operational integrity of the user
experience is not or plug ins that dont perform well.
my own preference is for a feature to be included in a host.
also the net is littered with probs people get useing plug ins.
there are many other reasons ...but i think you get the gist of it. now let me say the jesusonics are prolly different to the vst as "J" prolly planned from the beginning for tight integration with rpr.

the particular sample replacement request is not midi tracks (like some of the hometracked plug ins...) but replaceing audio samples with audio samples.
for example...on some hit records what some major studios do is
record a miced drum track reference...with each drum on different tracks then sample replace or what i call REINFORCE.
for example lets say i bring a drummer in and his kik drum sounds like would then be a simple task to replace
the poo kik audio track with a loverly kik sample.
this feature would also be highly usefull in the situation where i wanted to set up a custom beat. for example ...record a miced
drum stick hitting a surface....then break out the beats to different tracks and sample replace.
if the feature also analysed all the time points the pulses were at on the track in hh/mm/sss it would be a simple task of replaceing for specific time points.
for example rpr displays that cymbal pulses (from a lousy cymbal a drummer had)...were at 65 secs,.. 1min and 45 secs and 342 millisecs with a file browse button againsteach time point.
it would make it easy to replace those 3 bad cymbal time points with 3 different cymbal samples.
in ESSENCE with this unique could have the lousiest drummer with the lousiest sounding kit of drums and make him sound superb. sort of like rthis dialogue display...
time 1 file browse button
time 2 ditto
time 3 ditto
etc etc
with a button at the bottom of the dialogue called preview.
on press of preview rpr would preview the sample replace together with the other tracks already mixed in the the user could hear how well his/her sample replacement selection worked with the rest of the song.
there would be an added button in the dialogue called say...COMMIT...meaning ok...rpr....i'm happy with the
samples i selected to replace the poo track...
create a new track reflecting my sample choices....
see where this is leading ????
believe me..i'm doing several songs right now.and in the past where this feature would make me ecstatic and save me laboriously pasteing samples on tracks to replace a lousy drummer who brought in a lousy snare or whatever.
above all else in pro big studios...i think this feature would
really make ther big studios stand up and take notice of reaper.
and generate tons of professional respect.

just some ideas.

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