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Default FR kinda? Parameter modulation with video processor

I've been playing around with the video processor presets, and getting all kinds of cool effects with a simple source video. This stuff would make for nice backgrounds/visualizations for amateur Youtube music vids for example.

What would really kick it up a notch though is the ability to sync the effect parameters to audio dynamics. I thought we had the perfect solution for this already, as the vid processor parameters take in all the conventional modulation we have in Reaper. Alas, it seems it's not currently possible to actually use the built-in parameter modulation feature with them for some reason.

I found this thread which suggests using the "video sample peeker" utility for this. Unfortunately I'm not really a coder, and besides, the built-in parameter modulation has other useful features like control over the attack and release of the modulating audio signal.

The sample peeker workaround probably exists for a reason, but I can't really see why it couldn't work directly with parameter modulation. Would be so much easier to experiment with stuff, without having to mod the sample peeker support for each effect separately.

So, maybe we can have it some day, please?
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