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Default Project/Clip Playback Rate Calculator JSFX

If you ever have an audio clip playing at a BPM that's different than the project BPM, you can use this plugin to calculate the playback rate necessary for the wrong-BPM clip to being playing at the project's BPM. It simply divides the project BPM by the clip BPM for you.

Download the attached file, remove the .txt extension, and place it in your "REAPER\Effects" folder. An efficient way of getting to it is to place the plugin as the first effect on the master chain in your REAPER template. Then create a toolbar button with a calculator icon that runs this custom action:

Track: Unselect all tracks
SWS: Select master track
SWS/S&M: Toggle float FX 1 for selected tracks

Note: Don't disable the effect or else the project BPM slider won't respond to the project BPM changing.


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