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Default Walter: Horizontal meter without input label, possible ?

Hi !

So on Reaper 4 theme, you have the nice Shy meter layout with horizontal meter.

Though for some reason in Rec Mode, it has the input label right on the Meter, despite the fact we already see the label above. Worst, this label name is truncated. The theme IMHO has a long stading unpolished point there.

I tried to delete it for my theme (which is ultimately based on this one), but all I succeeded to do is to make the label and its border disappear with opacity 0 (so in fact it is still there), but not the vu meter numbers go back to the start of the meter.

set tcp.meter.inputlabel.color [0]
set tcp.meter.inputlabelbox.color [0]

How would you make the meter stays the same in both rec and normal mode ?

(note that in my second screenshot the usual input label field has also disappear in normal mode).

Thx !

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