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Originally Posted by earlevel View Post
It's hard to understand your problem with so little information—"laggy" (does this mean response is delayed? I don't know what else it could mean) and "hard to turn" (you have to make multiple attempts? Perform unusual mouse movements?) are pretty vague. I'm wondering if you have a serious problem—I believe you're using my fork, and I'm shipping product with stepped knobs and haven't heard a complaint.

Or maybe you're saying that if you have a small number of positions (say, 3), you have to move the mouse far for it to click to the next step. That might account for "hard to turn", but certainly doesn't account for "laggy". Anyway, if it's this, and you want to change the behavior, override the behavior and make it what you want.

PS—There are no changes to knobs in the AAX version. I'm not sure if you mean that you only see the problem when running as AAX, works otherwise?
Thanks for reply.

Your're right.Laggy is wrong sentence.Small number of positions hard to turn.I have to move mouse far for it to click to next step.

I have no issue with other versions.But AAX has problem about stepped knobs.
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