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Originally Posted by robynsveil View Post
Wow, thank you for this insight into using VSTs, Jason! I'm still struggling with just compiling the banks, in terms of simply understanding the construct of those bank files. I'm probably being a bit thick, but for some reason the tutorial here:

is not conveying the whole picture.

I'm hoping that studying your work should help me get that "A-Ha!" moment.

My funds are limited, so your suggestion: "Something you learn very early on with orchestral mockups - layering is the secret. Two cheapies combined often sound better than one library that cost you a kidney..." is total gold. No question I have a long way to getting the sound I'm after... still, your post has given me much more hope!
Ah well... Anything is possible (theoretically If not practically). I've always been happy enough with "this is kinda what it should sound like". I'm not a super fussy mockup mogul, but these days you have to have some technochops about you. If it's any comfort to you, one of my earliest efforts was very early Sibelius MIDI output into General MIDI and sounded like a herd of farting digital elks of various girths and genders. The piece atually sounded pretty good live though (tpt, alto, 2 tbns). There's the point - I had what the instruments would actually sound like in my head. Well, near enough.

Samplers and scorewriting programs can be a bit of a trap. You can make them sound anything, but it's not what anyone would, or even could, ever do.

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