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Originally Posted by Astonisher View Post
+SWS: Move cursor to item peak in sample
+Item: Set snap offset to cursor

Does that work as you want it to on one item? If it does, then putting it into a script to handle multiple selected items and restore the cursor position at the end would be very easy.
Yes, that would be perfect!

Ok, I know where the confusion is. See, when I said "move" I actually meant "trim".


Script 1: Set snap offset of media item to its highest peak (all selected items)
-Now I can adjust snap offsets where needed, I can "preview" the trim.
Script 2: Trim left edge of media item to its snap offset (all selected items)
-Now I commit to my trim.

It's a "set length of time before highest peak" function, but split up in a few steps.

Edit: I'm going to add a 3rd step

Script 3: Expand left edge of media item by X seconds (input format should be 1 = 1 second, .001 = 1ms)
-Now I don't have to arbitrarily move the left edge of selected items, I can input a specific amount of time.
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