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Originally Posted by Argitoth View Post
Came up with some new ideas on how to accomplish this.

#4: "Auto-rename selected takes" allows you to put in a numbering tag, so it applies 01 02 03 to the media items in order. That at least allows me to know where the media item originally sat. I could rename the items AFTER export, I guess that's ok, but not ideal! Does this give you ideas on how renaming media items could work?

So renaming media item takes is pretty trivial via ReaScript, and reading text files is also trivial via Python.

BUT, the source file name would not be renamed. So it could rename the media item take in the project to whatever based on a text file. But the source filename (in your project directory) will remain the same.

I think you should be able to use the Batch file processor to export the items based on item names though (File --> Batch file/item converter) if I'm understanding what you want to do correctly.
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