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Originally Posted by Argitoth View Post
I need an "explode to tracks (do not create new tracks unless needed)" the Xenakios version creates new tracks every time.

I also need "quantize item start to nearest gridline (ignore snap offset)"

Another nice one would be "quantize item start to nearest marker"

yet another would be "quantize item start to next grid line or marker"

hmm, I need to learn some scripting. there's a whole lot of alternate versions of the above I could use.

QUESTION: In your "peak detection" script, is it possible only allow detection of positive peaks OR negative peaks, but not both?
Does explode items in place work for what you want?

The rest I think you can do with macros with existing actions. Basically, select an item, then the macro will move the edit cursor to grid line or marker, then move the selected item (or it's edge) to the edit cursor. those actions are all in the action list. I'm not sure if the snap offset is ignored or not in that type of action, however.

how you set up the macros depends on your mouse behavior. Does left click move the edit cursor when you select an item? If yes, this is a bit easier. I can walk you through it, let me know.
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