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Originally Posted by Argitoth View Post
I just want to reiterate this... if i could access the master play rate envelope, I could turn REAPER into an offline tuner... I really need this for sample libraries. There's currently no tuner available for sample library developers in 2014, it's ridiculous. Reaper is one small step away from becoming the first tuner made for sample libraries.
track_ptr = RPR_CSurf_TrackFromID(0,0)                          # Get master track pointer
env_ptr = RPR_GetTrackEnvelopeByName( track_ptr, 'Playrate' )   # Get envelope pointer
env_state = RPR_GetSetEnvelopeState(env_ptr, "", 4*1024*1024)   # Get envelope data

Of course, this will only work if playrate envelope already exists.
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