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Originally Posted by derek.john.evans View Post
Cool. Yea, I can see a use for that with left/right panned instruments which go mono based on the stereo field of the drum track. I can see a number of ways to implement this, depending on how fancy you want it.

Via the DAW, you would modulate a pan parameter of an effect (eg: volume_pan), and use "audio control signal" which tracks audio coming from channel 4. This channel would be sent over from the drum beat (to channels 3+4) and converted to MS, which means channel 4 would be the drum stereo field.

Via a compressor. A little harder, but, you compress a tracks side (S) in MS mode. The detector input of the compessor again would be the side (S) signal sent from a drum track.
Yes in the end I ended up doing pretty the first one. I used M/S encoder and parameter modulation to control pan from only the S channel. It it a little hard to fine tune but seems to work.

To generate a pan envelope might still be a useful thing to do as you can then fine tune more easily if some points are off.

I'm sure I saw someone mention a script that generates a volume envelope from audio levels but can't find it now. You could take the input of that from the M/S encoder to get a stereo width envelope.
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