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Default Looking for Ambisonic Custom Speaker Array Decoder

UPDATE August 2018
For the last year or more, I've been running a 3D cube array of Auratone 5C cubes with four EV DL15W subwoofers for monitoring my Ambisonic mixes. I'm currently running the Blue Ripple Sound ( third order cube decoder with very good results and am testing a few other decoders including the ones in the IEM Plugin Suite ( which are coming along very nicely and are free.

Original post from July 2016 below....

As the thread title suggests, I'm looking for a custom speaker array Ambisonic decoder to use in REAPER on Windows 10.

I'm setting up a speaker array using 12 channels (11 full range and a sub) with a convention 5.1 array at head height (for compatibility with non Ambisonic mixing and listening), two upper front channels (above the main front L & R), two lower front channels (below the main front L & R) and two upper rear channels (above the main rear L & R). So basically a double cube without the lower two rear channels.

The Blue Ripple Sound Rapture3D looks like it would be ideal but it is VERY expensive given the Aussie dollar to British pound conversion rates.

The Gerzonic DecoPro looks ideal too but there's no demo download (or any download for that matter) and I'm getting no response to emails I've sent.

I've seen a few utilities that also seem perfect but they are Mac only.

I have Bruce Wiggins vsts and the Ambisonic toolkit for REAPER (which are both very good) but the most I can do there is cube or hexagonal arrays in 3D format.
I've considered the cube layout but the problem there is my main mixing array is a conventional 5.1 layout at head height. If that was to form part of the cube, it would place my listening position at either the base of the cube or the top of the cube (depending whether or not the additional speakers were above or below the 5.1 array) rather than in the middle.

Does anyone know of anything I might have missed that would allow me to configure a custom speaker array?

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