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Originally Posted by Mr. Data View Post
Hi TonE,

that's a well meant proposal, but in my view Google translate is more a joke generator than a help.
There's a much more relevant problem, namely the fact, that the template files for localization are updated quite rarely, which means that the translaters simply can't keep up with the development due to that fact. The latest template file is dated July, 15th 2016 and it was for V5.22. Since then many things have been changed and even strings that were translated before, suddenly appear in English again in newer versions. The worst thing about this is that you discover those strings only accidentally or you have to search and try each menu, roll-down menu, dialog and whatnot to find them when a new version comes up.
The way localization is handled by Justin & Co. doesen't give the opportunity to ever get a complete localization.
I contacted Justin whether it is possible to solve this dilamma, but to no avail yet.
Even in this very thread I made a few proposals or so.
As long as the translators have no access to all the strings (and data to align elements in dialogs) in a final Reaper release, nothing will ever change. This is a bit disappointing, because localizations will always somewhat look like a kludge if there is no change to cover this issue.

Hi ¡¡¡

Totally agree with Mr. Data

It would be lovely, useful, wonderful, grateful and a million more of positive adjectives, to have a faster localization update system, and also access to all or most of strings.

Normally translators (and user behind our work) have to wait normally 6 months till Langpack is updated and sometimes not all string ( some of them very importants ) can be translated.

I join to Mr. Data request for implementing a new way for Langpack updates, so we can work side by side with Reaper's New Releases

Here is the link of the Youtube Video in which I have located my Spanish Langpack download link ( joined to a lot of tutorials in my language ) :

I don't know if all the visitors there use Reaper or purchase it as I recomend in another video but at least over 19.400 people at today's day visited the video interested in Reaper's Spanish version.

I hope something can be done about this topic ¡¡¡¡¡

Good day and also congratulations for all those news fixes, features and fast and continuous getting better job with Reaper ¡¡¡

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