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Hello Daniele

Originally Posted by DANIELE View Post
Is there a way to dock the plugin in docker automatically?
Do you mean: to run the inspector at Reaper start up ?

Otherwise, dock the inspector where you want, and after leaving Reaper, the inspector position should be saved. If not, you can set it manually by editing the file inspector.ini , located in the script folder
Change the "docked" parameter value

For example, 1 = left position.

Originally Posted by DANIELE View Post
I've also just noticed that I have a bit of lag on notes drawing in the midi editor. Has anyone else run into the same problem?
I also noticed it with some of my libraries. I didn't have this issue with previous reaper version. I don't know if it is linked. I'm working on it to find what things can be optimized

Originally Posted by DANIELE View Post
What can I do if I want to put two or more keyswitches at the same time?
No, you can't unfortunality. This inspector can send only one midi event as a keyswitch at the same time.
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