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Default Geraint's JSFX (previously: "A small set of JSFX")

Hi everyone! I wrote a few JSFX effects, and wanted to share them. All the information, including audio demos, is on the main website.

There's also an incomplete but growing set of video demos/tutorials.

You can install them from ReaPack (by adding the index: or download a ZIP (too big for the Stash), or see the code on GitHub.


  • PadSynth - a synth that produces thick sounds, including per-note effects and modulators
  • Humonica - harmoniser and synth
  • Hammer And Chord - a polyphonic string resonator/synth
  • Soft-Bell - a synth that produces gentle bells and chimes
  • Learning Sampler - a basic sampler that records incoming audio and plays it back

  • Atlantis Reverb - produces mellow spaces, and shimmering highlights
  • Echo-Cycles - a delay effect where the feedback system moves echoes through the stereo field
  • Cross-Polyphonic-FM - MIDI-controlled frequency-modulation effect
  • Ripple - Phaser-like sounds, endlessly ascending/descending
  • Spring-Box - an echo/chorus effect
  • Stereo Alignment Delay - delay and phase/delay analysis (stereo channels, or between instances)
  • Vibrato - MIDI-note triggered vibrato

  • Bad Connection - simulate poor connections by random volume variation, distortion, and a feedback delay line
  • Sandwich Amp - distortion module with a before/after filter pair, width control and secondary input

  • Spectrum Matcher - analyse the difference between an input and a model, and optionally correct with EQ
  • Smooth Limiter - a limiter that aims to have the correction curve as smooth as possible
  • Panalysis - visualise and manipulate the stereo field of the audio
  • Piano Display - Displays MIDI notes as a scrolling piano roll

  • MIDI Gate - a velocity-sensitive MIDI-controlled gate. Audio passes through only when MIDI note is down (or up, in "mute" mode).
  • MIDI Harmony - arpeggiator and auto-accompaniment plugin

Pitch Correction
  • Warble - a basic pitch-editing effect



2018-11-24: new effect:
  • Atlantis Reverb - New effect! Super-long reverbs and shimmering textures

2018-08-12: new features:
  • Humonica - "fixed spectrum" mode (usable as a synthesiser), and timbre sweeps!

2018-07-01: new effect/features:
  • Ripple - New effect! A phaser-like effect which continually rises or falls. (audio demo)
  • Humonica - fixed all DC offset
  • Cross-Polyphonic FM - portamento/legato support, fixed error when srate=0
  • Stereo Alignment Delay - better undo behaviour
  • all effects - better automation support

2018-06-13: new feature:
  • Soft Bell - New synth! Gentle bell-like tones and chimes
  • Humonica - portamento/legato support
  • Hammer and Chord - portamento/legato support

2018-06-09: new features - and bundled presets!
  • all effects - included presets with installation (no import step)
  • Spectrum Matcher - limit affected region with range/boundary controls. "Amount" affects gain as well, and can now be negative (essentially swaps reference/input roles).
  • Vibrato - lookahead control, so beginnings of notes are never mid-vibrato
  • Spring Box - performance improvement (~15%)
  • Panalysis - second display mode "polar"
  • Hammer and Chord - bugfixes

2018-05-02: new effects/features
  • Cross-Polyphonic FM - New effect! MIDI-controlled frequency-modulator, summing up multiple notes (audio demo)
  • Vibrato - New effect! Vibrato effect triggered by MIDI notes (to give natural vibrato to synths that don't have any) (audio demo)
  • Spectrum Matcher - added "Amount" control, to select how much of the difference to correct
  • Hammer And Chord - added Timbre dials
  • Smooth Limiter - right-click to enter exact values

2018-04-15: new effect/features
  • Echo Cycles - New effect! Feedback delay where echoes move around the stereo space (audio demo)
  • Hammer And Chord - urgent bugfix (performance)! If you're on 1.2.0, please update to 1.2.4+
  • Spring Box - add control for chorus alignment ("balanced" mode controls frequency drift in longer reverbs)
  • all effects - Retina support for high-resolution displays

2018-03-07: new features
  • MIDI Gate - channel filter, "mute" mode (un-muted by default, notes mute)
  • Humonica - stereo detuning and LFO vibrato (for smoother/thicker sound), fix DC offset
  • Stereo Alignment Delay - cross-instance send (for aligning separate tracks), negative delays, FFT size control, right-click to enter exact delay values
  • Spectrum Matcher - added "gain" control, some UI fixes
  • all MIDI effects - slight performance improvement

2018-01-27: new features
  • Stereo Alignment Delay - per-channel delay, with delay/phase analysis (calculate a delay/polarity to try and maximise phase agreement between sources)
  • Spectrum Matcher - improve sharpness of analysis curves (small change, existing presets should still work).

2018-01-23: new features
  • MIDI Harmony - New effect! Octave-shift inputs to a particular note range, use as an arpeggiator, and more!
  • Hammer and Chord - optional input decay (stops taking input after start of note)
  • Hammer and Chord - use allpass filter for fractional delay (allows longer sustains)
  • Humonica - pitch tracking (match input vibrato), and tonality limit (only play if tone is detected in input audio)
  • Smooth Limiter - fix latency issue (off by one sample)

2017-07-20: new features
  • PadSynth - draw the detuning curve, invert velocity/controllers
  • Humonica - timbre shifter

2017-07-13: new synth
  • Humonica - a harmoniser (demo)

2017-07-05: new features
  • Hammer And Chord - now supports stereo detuning (demo), and de-tonaliser (demo)
  • MIDI Gate - new effect, passes through audio only when MIDI note is playing (demo)

2017-02-20: add new plugins (Warble, Panalysis, Learning Sampler, Hammer And Chord/String)

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