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Originally Posted by geraintluff View Post
Hi everyone! I wrote a few JSFX effects, and wanted to share them. All the information, including audio demos, is on the main website, but a quick summary and screenshots are below.

The best way to install is ReaPack, by adding the index: - otherwise download the .jsfx files from GitHub.


This synth produces thick sounds, including per-note effects and modulators. (audio demos)

I made a thread about this effect before, but it has some new features now, as well as being available using ReaPack.


This is an echo/chorus effect based on a matrix of 4 variable delay lines feeding back into each other. (audio demo)

Bad Connection

This effect randomly flips between two volumes to simulate poor connection or dropouts. (audio demo)

Sandwich Amp

This is a distortion effect with a before/after filter pair, width control and secondary input. (audio demo)

Spectrum Matcher

This analyses the difference in spectrum between an input and a model, and optionally corrects it.

Smooth Limiter

This limiter aims to have a smooth correction curve.


Gonna try that spectrum matcher for sure !
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