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Originally Posted by hopi View Post
nice new feature that gradient...

here is what I'm still missing:

the ability for the lua to remember which dock it gets put in and to be exactly there when reaper is started up as a new project...

If there is a way to do that that I'm missing please tell me.

...or a way to tell it which dock to go into
Try this:
1) Edit the script and find:
2) Take out the -- from both lines
3) Run script and choose left or right dock. If it does not go where you want it, make it manually go by dragging its tab, without changing the dock settings in ReaNoir.
4) Note the number in the Console window and go again in the script and find:
function Dock_selector_INIT()
5) Change the appropriate number to the one you noted. For example in my settings, Left = 3841 and Right = 1.
6) Insert again the -- to the lines you had taken them off and save the script
7) After you have placed everything as you liked, go to Action list and: Screenset: Save window set #10
8) Create a custom action:
Screenset: Load window set #10
and save it with the name "my startup action" for example
9) Find that custom action and copy its action ID (right click)
10) SWS/S&M: Set global startup action , paste the action ID there

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