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thanks but I made no changes... I only got the newest version and ran it...

oh wait... I see there are two new buttons... dock in left and in right... ummm helpful and they almost do what I want... at least I can work with that...

It is funny though... I have dock at top and at left of TCP and also at right of arrange window...

choosing dock in right goes into the dock at left of TCP which is the MCP used as a track inspector... So I drag it out of there and put in the actual docker at the right side of the arrange window..

Not a big deal anyway so I'm just reporting what I experience... otherwise it is working very nicely!

PS... still I do not find a way to get it stay in that right hand dock when the project saves and reopens... when it opens reanoir is gone.
...again, not a life and death thing... but it would be nice to have it just stay there everytime.
...should be fixed for the next build...
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