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Default Update to Hammer And Chord

Hi everyone,

I've released a new version of Hammer And Chord (v1.0.3), which optionally uses a noise-based ring-mod to disrupt tonal components in the input audio.

Previously when using Hammer And Chord as a resonator, if the input audio was highly tonal, those tonal elements would be audible in the result. This isn't a problem for drums or noisy signals, but it is a problem if it's being used as a harmoniser/vocoder-ish effect on vocals. The "De-tonal" setting enables the modulator to counteract this.

Here's an audio demo that illustrates the difference. (The modulator applies to L+R channels independently, so it also gives a stereo effect for mono inputs)

As a bonus - here's a recording of a fireplace, and here's the same recording put through Hammer And Chord (with a bit of reverb from Spring Box).

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