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Thank you for these wonderful JSFX.

I love the Learning Sampler! While playing with it I thought of some stuff that might be really useful and was wondering if you'd be willing to implement any of these ideas?

1)The ability to assign a specific MODI note as the "Learn Controller"
maybe it could work in one of two ways. 1.Playback mode is switched on when the assigned note is released., or 2.Playback mode is turned on when the assigned note is triggered a second time.

2)The ability to bounce the recordings in the buffer to the project or direct to disk as a .wav file. A couple of ideas come to mind if bouncing to the project. 1.If multiple notes where sampled then maybe each one becomes a separate item in the project. 2.Maybe the actual notes played could also be bounced as a MIDI item on a second track, and/or as project markers indicating the start/stop positions in the buffer.

3)A button that could maybe also be controlled using a MIDI note that would be used to clear the buffer.

...anyway just some ideas, and thanks again for this awesome tool.
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