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Thanks A LOT for answering !

Originally Posted by goldenarpharazon View Post
The OSCII-bot EEL2 allows file I/O which could be used to create a separate config file if that's preferable. OSCII-bot also allows a basic GUI to be created.
I did find that OSCIIbot can read a file and do plan to use this for configuration. But from the docs I have the impression that I need to state the IP address and port directly in an EEL statement. I'll re-check...
(I already did create a GUI for another project with EEL gfx, so I suppose this is possible with OCIIbot as well.)

Originally Posted by goldenarpharazon View Post
If these parameters or requests are OSC
The mixer device of course does send these parameters according to the OSC spec, so I do hope, OSCII bot can easily receive them.

The question I have in mind is how to send the "register" command to the mixer (I suppose this is OSC standard as well. I suppose this needs to be done if attaching to Reaper via OSC, too, so there will be appropriate examples, but till now I failed to find some.

Originally Posted by goldenarpharazon View Post
Be interested to see this Python code please too, since it may be extensible to also handle OSC translation into Midi SysEX which OSCII-bot does not handle.
I did not do a Python project up till now. I got this code from a friend of mine. I am going to install and test if it works for me. After that I am going to decide weather to do a new OSCIIbot project (seems more appropriate for my usage) or to learn Python and modify the Python code.

But very likely the Python code can handle SYSEX. Supposedly even "out of the box", but AFAIK, a Midi library is used (and an OSC library), and the libraries are just python source code and can be enhanced if necessary.

Thanks again,

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