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With OSCIIbot I was able to attach to a Midi device and to an OSC interface by

@input XT_M_IN MIDI "loopMIDI Port"	//in quotation marks-name of midi port used in Windows
@input XR18in OSC "*:10024" 
@output XR18out OSC ""
I see:
	Listening on '*:10024'
	2 inputs, 1 outputs

Total: 1 scripts, 2 inputs, 1 outputs

I was able to send Midi events from Reaper via loopMIDI to OSCIIbot and display them in the log window.

So I did

!t ? (
  t = 10;
  oscsend(XR18out, "/xremote");
t -= 1;
Now I suppose when moving a slider of the mixer by another program attached to it via OSC (the XR18 can handle up to four OSC clients at the same time) should send anything to OSCIIbot. But I don't see anything at all.

I looked at the Python code I got and here it seems that the command sent is
"/xremotenfb" instead of simply "/xremote".

But changing this does not give any response, either.

So I don't know if my commands even get through to the XR18.

Any ideas ?


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