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I'm glad people are using it! Sorry I haven't got around to writing proper guides and documentation for these. There's always an interesting feature I could be adding instead. I'd love to make some videos at some point, to go into a bit more detail.

--------EDIT 2018-04-01
The performance issue mentioned below is no longer as true - I changed some things and got a 5x speedup, so I now use Spectrum Matcher directly without ReaEQ.

Be mildly warned: Spectrum Matcher uses more CPU than you might expect (it's basically a 30-band EQ - I considered using FFT instead, but there are reasons to do the analysis this way.). Rather than have 10 instances running at once, I personally use this correction as a preview, and then use the correction curves to create a matching curve in ReaEQ. (If you hover over the top graph, it should show you the frequency/dB values of its correction curve.)

For presets: if you save a preset right after hitting "Reset" (step 7 in Veto's list), it saves the reference spectrum but not any of the current analysis, so you can load the reference up later or in a different instance on the source track.

Veto: thanks for the good explanation. Also, thanks for pointing out the errors, I'll look at those this evening. (I'm not sure how many people use Warble, it was mostly written for my own edification, but I'll fix it anyway.)

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