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Originally Posted by Blastrio View Post
Don't know if it's been posted before. Using Reafir to match the EQ curve of a song or clip and apply it to another one. I guess most people will view subtract mode as basically a de-noiser, but it can be used to extract a spectrum curve from the audio itself.

1- Put Reafir in subtract mode and click "Automatically build noise profile" and let Reafir analyze the song or clip.
2 - Unclick the checkbox and switch to compress mode. Reafir will retain the analyzed curve.
3- Modify the curve if needed in Precise Edit Mode
4- Hold Ctrl to lower or raise the threshold
Well I'm definitely a little late to reply to this.. BUT this could come in very handy to match ( or get in the right neighborhood ) a guitar tone...

good to know, and saves a little cash perhaps by not having to purchase Bias to do this? eh, good stuff none the less.

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