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Impressive work on your gui-lib, and the more you add, the more I'm stunned.

Is there a way to export/import the gui-table I created with your gui-lib? That would be quite cool, as that way, we could code some "GUI-presets", that can be (re-)used and altered.
I'm currently working on my own gui-lib, which shall include a GUI-editor, in which I would try to add editing-support for your gui-lib as well. But that would mean import and export, to make it easier to handle.

And beside of that, is there a way to find out, which gui-object-classes are available(especially 3rd party ones) and what the attributes of them are(size, text, etc)? This would be important for a gui-editor as well, as I could easily automatically add other added classes without having to hardcode them. That way, I could also check, whether a certain gui-class exists and communicate "missing class, can't build the gui" to the user.

Oh, and is there a function that returns the version of your gui-lib? When I write a script that needs the gui-lib, I would like to communicate to the user, if the installed version is the wrong and too old one.

And a question about the technicalities of the lib: how do you manage the blitting of the elements? My first gui-engine-prototype used a lot of ressources by too much drawing and I would love to go to blit instead. How do you manage to blit the stuff? Has every element having it's own screen-buffer? Do you even blit? Or do you something else? Is there a limit in how many elements are possible or is it flexible?

Just noticed: the link to your script-compiler in the first post is broken and going to a 404.
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