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The GUI is coming together really well, I have 20 tabs with a lot of buttons on each, I only have a few more tabs to do but it's seems to have a limitation on the amount of buttons, when I try to add another button the camel's back seems to break:

Class - Button.lua:84: bad argument #3 to '__newindex' (number expected, got table)

and I get just a gray background.

I'm using Example - General demonstration.lua Lokasenna_GUI 2.0 preview

If I use the latest release without adding the extra button all I get is just a gray background also.

I changed:
-- For better cross-platform behavior.
local sep = GUI.file_sep

req("Classes"..sep.."Class - Label.lua")()
req("Classes"..sep.."Class - Knob.lua")()
req("Classes"..sep.."Class - Tabs.lua")()
req("Classes"..sep.."Class - Slider.lua")()
req("Classes"..sep.."Class - Button.lua")()
req("Classes"..sep.."Class - Menubox.lua")()
req("Classes"..sep.."Class - Checklist.lua")()
req("Classes"..sep.."Class - Radio.lua")()
req("Classes"..sep.."Class - Textbox.lua")()
req("Classes"..sep.."Class - Frame.lua")()
req("Classes/Class - Label.lua")()
req("Classes/Class - Knob.lua")()
req("Classes/Class - Tabs.lua")()
req("Classes/Class - Slider.lua")()
req("Classes/Class - Button.lua")()
req("Classes/Class - Menubox.lua")()
req("Classes/Class - Textbox.lua")()
req("Classes/Class - Frame.lua")()
req("Classes/Class - Options.lua")()
is there anything else I need to change ?
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