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Originally Posted by cymbals View Post
Often times, I have the need to alter the mids, but want to keep the existing low end, or vice-versa.
Originally Posted by Sju View Post
I just spent a good deal of time trying to get a huge low end bump out of an otherwise proper sounding curve... range sliders would be really nice, preferably with variable slope if possible.
Alright - this is in.

You should now be able to set upper/lower limits for the correction. You can also select the boundary type: highpass/lowpass, flat (continues from the nearest band) or zero (returns to 0dB).

Give it a whirl and let me know how it works for you.

The layout's a bit busier now, but I think tidying that up is a task for another time.

Originally Posted by Sju View Post
If I may add another FR, I'd find it useful if the Gain parameter only affected the Wet (Amount >0%) signal, so you could level match and use the Amount slider with less loudness bias.
Also done. Old projects/presets should work fine.

Get v1.6.0 (or the latest ZIP) for both of these changes.


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