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Originally Posted by Sju View Post
One minor issue I noticed is that with low end boosts, sweeping the highpass frequency around tends to cause loud volume spikes when it enables/disables the individual bands.
Ooh, yeah. The issue is these dials actually change the number of filters currently active, and shuffles their order around. I'll have to think some more about what to do about this - I tried one solution but it had an unreasonable performance impact.

Originally Posted by Sju View Post
When the filters are set to their respective default positions (10Hz and 20kHz), their mode setting still seems to alter the curve slightly. Does the "flat" setting completely disable them in those positions?
The defaults (20Hz highpass on the low end, 18kHz flat on high end) are equivalent to the previous version. It affects the curve slightly at the low end, but the high end should be fine.

So, it kind of depends what you mean by "disable". The filters are actually not centred on the bands themselves, but are placed on the boundaries between the bands. If you set the boundaries to "flat" then the final bands extend outwards, so there aren't any filters the very edges, which is possibly what you're thinking about.

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