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ahh there are some wonderful improvements here. thank you! MPL, i have been hoping for these function since 2011, you are a legend.


issue 1.71: renamed midi notes don't apply to parent track.
1- open RS5K manager
2- dragndrop options: ~ "always to new track"
3- load multiple samples (new tracks are created)
4- click a sample while viewing parent track
5- rename midi note
6- open midi editor for parent track.
NOTE: no renamed midi note (undesired behavior)
7- open midi item for child track
NOTE: midi note is renamed for child (desired behavior)


FR: a script-action to "open FX chain for any track with managed RS5K instance where notestart/noteend = 60" ... this will allow us to open a specific managed RS5K pad/track's FX chain by controller (without opening unmanaged RS5K instances where notestart/noteend also = 60).

if you make 1 for notestart/end 60, i will make the rest! and then you can publish on your repo if you want. or maybe you have better idea to achieve the goal: the goal is to use action to focus single pad's fx chain, so we don't have to use the mouse.


regarding RS5k_manager_control_functions: AWESOME.

hopefully an easy FR: option for "focused instance only" (or better: "last played") versions of all the increment/decrement rs5k param actions. this way, we could use a key modifier for GLOBAL param changes, and normal hotkeys for FOCUSED param changes.

use case: chop 1 drum sample into 64 pieces, assign to RS5K manager, use current scripts to pitch everything down -4 semitones, then use (LAST PLAYED/FOCUSED) param change to fine-tune that sample.


i think that's it for now. please let me know if my language is unclear. by the way, i think i can withdraw my previous request for file renaming, if the midi note name thing gets resolved.
FR: select MIDI recorded in most recent record/overdub.
read an important discussion on track MIDI editing
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