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Just testing this over here, it's a fab beginning for an environment of this style in Reaper!

Obviously it's not very handy for large projects (trying it out with some scoring Kontakt templates, and pheeew), but it's not even meant for that, and instead it shines for making inspirational and more compact custom environments with tracks/effects laid out in a preferred way and waiting to be patched.

Some suggestions:

- When clicking on a bus/device, selecting that channel (i.e. making that channel active in the Reaper console, so that it can be followed up with scripts that target the selected channel) would be nifty. No need to hunt in the console if working in the Buzz-like view at that moment.

- Also, it would rock if it was possible to double click (or modifier-click) on a box representing a bus, and it didn't open the GUI of the first FX plugin on that channel, but actually another viewport done in this same style, representing the routing on that channel. Pretty much like this hah, maybe just add a call to MPL's script on the relevant channel for that one?

For the Buzz aesthetic aficionados, and for consistency's sake of course, it would still rock if this ^ was available as a part of this same project, all happening in a unified manner using this Buzz style GUI.

- Being able to add track templates to the module menu (for reacalling whole buses and routing configurations instead of just single devices) would be cool.

- Ultimately, for a self-contained vibe in this environment, a way to call Hackey Trackey (and alternatively the standard piano roll editor) for the currently selected track / device, select/insert/rearrange MIDI items on that track, and edit them right then and there... Would wrap this up as a full-fledged Buzz frontend for Reaper . I know, I know, it's kind of a tall order, hahh. And mostly fueled by pure nostalgia.

But man, with Hackey, you are already on such a firm path, and set the bar high to begin with
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