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Appreciate you taking the time to post your feedback and suggestions. I'm not online on my pc that often these days and am replying here using my phone so won't reply in detail with multi quotes because it is rather cumbersome.

Regarding Ultrasound, that was a very early experimental section of one part of that tune where I was experimenting with various encoders. It wasn't supposed to be public and I've now removed it. It's a good thing you found it so I was aware it was publicly visible.

Regarding Run the Race, it sounds to me like you are using a decoder that isn't decoding AmbiX SN3D correctly. The main focus of that mix does have the prominent parts placed in the front. I also created a stereo file from that mix using the Blue Ripple decoders and it sounds exactly how intended. I always test my mixes on multiple systems.

You raise a good point regarding the AC3 files. I really should resample to 48K for those before encoding. Thanks for The thumbs up on that.

Originally Posted by RDan View Post
Answering the original question about an Ambisonic Decoder for Ambisonics:

Have you tried my AllRADecoder plug-in? It's part of the IEM plug-in Suite ( and allows creating a decoder for any arbitrary loudspeaker layout. And it's for free ;-)
I also wrote a guide for it:
Daniel, I've actually been running a few tests using both your upmixers/panners and the new decoding tools and am liking the new updates very much. I have done some direct comparisons between your tools and the Blue Ripple ones and the panners and upmixers are pretty much neck and neck quality wise. Very nice indeed.

There's still something not quote as spacious with your decoders though. The Blue Ripple cube decoder has more width/height/depth. I have a project with both decoders and can provide you with a decoded cube array eight channel file to have a listen if you'd like.

I'm definitely liking the direction you are heading with the latest versions of your plugins though. They have improved dramatically since the early versions in stability, CPU use and sound quality.
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